Today (22/01/06), i entered the auditorium a bit late and found Swamiji talking about slokas from Aditya Hridayam. Probably, he has come to that part of the story where Agastya is supposed to have come to the battle ground and imparted the knowledge of Aditya Hridayam to the fatigued Sri Rama. My attention was fluctuating, unusually-for a reason i know, but when he said Hiranya Garbha i suddenly became attentive. I wanted to know the why and the how of this word. I write here what comes to my mind now.

The literal translation, as is commonly done, is the Golden egg. Its the egg, because it refers to the unmanifest universe. Its golden because there are millions souls in it who are yet to attain mukti. Their light emanates through it to give it the golden appearance.

And he goes on with other explainations but none convincing and some simply having referential importance. For e.g. in one of the upanishads (tatitriya if i remember correct) where this word occurs, it is said that the egg was cut into two halves: one became the earth and the other the sky :)! …

Another piece of academic relevance: This word also occurs in the oldest of all vedas-the Rig veda.  In this connection he said that the Sama Veda was basically about 6000 slokas, taken from the Rig veda, set to tune. The Rig veda has about 10,000 slokas.

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