This incident that Swamiji narrated in one of his lectures on Narada Bhakti Sutra struck me unforgettably. After the mahabharata war, Sri Krishna sensed that his role had come to an end. The yadu kings too were no more; they died for various reasons, thanx to Gandhari’s curse. Sri Krishna, before departing, summoned Arjuna and asked him to escort all the women folk to a safer place (probably to hastinapura). Arjuna, enroute is attacked by a band of robbers. They defeat him! and also kidnap the ladies. Arjuna while recounting this to Yudhisthira sighs that with the passing of Sri Krishna the power that made him achieve great feats too left. Even the famed Gandiva was powerless against mere robbers.

The only other striking story exemplifying Leela can be the one wherein Narada is made a King.  The story of his life ensues-of how he became a great emperor, had doting wives and many sons-and towards the end he will be greaving over all his sons (some seven or so) who lie dead on the battle field.  The next moment he finds himself walking out of the pond and finds the Lord who asks him, ‘what took u so long’. Apparently, Narada had expressed or probably thought of, casually, of his desire for a wordly life to the Lord before he entered the pond to bathe 🙂

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