Tata statue

I always wondered who were the other people sculpted in the enclosure surrounding the tata statue. Today, as i was crossing the lobby to the compact storage section in our library my gaze fell by chance on a book that was lying on desk of the section incharge. It had JN TATA’s  picture on its cover. It was a booklet and i casually browsed it. I came across this page wherein the answer to my curiosity lay. I reproduce the relevant part here

On the right of the statue there are two Gods: Jupiter(Roman king of Gods) with his thunderbolt signifying electricity; Vulcan (Roman God of fire and smiths) with anvil ready for the steel. On the left are two Godesses: Minerva (Roman Godess of wisdom), who holds a distaff (a stick that  was used in the past for holding wool); Calliope (the symbol of research)

Calliope is a Greek muse of heroic poetry. Why the book mentions, ‘symbol of research’ is not clear.

Everybody notices the lamp (of learning) in the bronze rail but i wonder how many have seen the dolfins on either side, representing Jamsetji’s travels abroad. I too noticed only tonight 🙂

There are two ladies, one of them with a kid, each on one side of the central post. The book does not mention about them. However it says “Supporting the centre shaft are Abundance on  one side and Knowledge on the other”. Probably, the one with the kid is Knowledge-she also is holding a lamp over a scroll, in the sculpture.

The book is ‘J.N.TATA Patriot and Pioneer’ by Arthur Pereira;  Macmillan Publishers. The >12 pt font size, besides  the length of the book and its simple english, makes it a quick read. As the preface says, its written in a style that will help sustain a young readers’ interest 🙂

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