If japa is continuously going on can it lead to one pointedness of the mind? This question bothered me for long but not any more. This problem can be solved if one can catch the mind working on other thoughts while it is doing japa. The difficult part is the moment one decides to observe either the thoughts stop or the japa. Making oneself the third self is the tought job. In the past few weeks thanx to the trip to a friends marraige i could ultimately do it. While i myself am not thoroughly convinced i did it the feeling that both japa and other thoughts can go on parallelly is growing stronger. Furthermore and shockingly the other thoughts could be unspiritual too! Adds points to the sceptic me. However, there is also a general feeling that something good is happening too. Especially, peace can be immediately restored on starting the japa. Something that is clearly visible on my face in photographs taken when i am doing it.

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