A rather brutal support

This is the first story that i mentioned in the previous post.  Swamiji narrated this story to corroborate the sloka from Gita “ananyaschintayantomaam etc…”

The story is from the Kalyan magazine published by Gita Press and has occured near Banaras prior to independence. Two sanyasins boarded a boat to cross the ganges which divided a smaller village from a town. The elder sanyasin was quite senior and was continuously counting his beads. The boat got crowded soon. Just when it was about to leave two British soldiers jumped on to it. Their general demeanour was rude and they went around nudging others to find place. They came across this sanyasin and nudged him too.  The sanyasin was unknown to the world around him, deeply engrossed in counting the beads. The soldiers not only teased him they also manhandled him. The people on the boat were outraged at their acts but none dared to confront an Englishman.

The boat was nearing the other shore. The river had certain areas which, if the boat parked there, would be inconvenient for the passengers to get down at reach the shore. There were spikes all along these areas ensure the boat would’nt halt there. Now, one of the soldiers in order to show his bravery or so, decided to jump standing on the edge of the boat directly on to the shore. It so happened that as he leaped instead of reaching the shore he fell bang on the spikes resulting in his instantaneous death.

People on the boat were convinced that his death was an outcome of his unruly behavior with the sanyasin. It was a punishment from God to somebody who pained his devotee who was thinking of Him all the time (ananyaschintayata). A rather brutal punishment, i thought 😦 

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