Today, it was the last lecture on the ‘Aditya Hridayam’. The thing that first comes to the mind is the meaning of ‘Martanda’. It is formed from Mruta Anda, i.e dead egg.  The dead egg is brought to life in the womb by the heat of the mother. The ultimate source of heat is the Sun. Therefore, it is also one of the names of Aditya (Sun).

Not convincing, like many other meanings, but thats how it is.

In the phala shruthi, it is mentioned that chanting that this hymn with devotion for a number of days (forgot the number-it was something like 46) one can achieve anything! However, it is generally chanted for general health. In this swamiji says that it is not just a stotra but a mantra.

In the above context, he narrated two stories from the ‘Guide Post’. A gentleman was about to leave his house had almost gone to the nearby electric pole where his car was parked when he heard his phone bell ring at home. He walked back into his house; his friend was online-talked for a few minutes. When he goes back to his car, he sees that the electric cable has snapped off the pole and is lying there, live!-Had he not gone to attend to the phone he would have got electrocuted. He feels grateful to his friend and goes back home to call him again. But this time is unable to reach his friend.

May be a day or two later when he meets this friend of his, he narrates the incident.  That day, the phone at his friends’ was dead and he had never called up! Grace-unasked for…

He narrated another similar incident-phone call stuff-but this time its a lady who is extremely worried about her child who has gone to school. A tornedo is expected to hit the area where the school is and she does not know how to reach her child. Just then she gets a phone call from the childs teacher mentioning that they had shifted to someother building and the child is safe. 

She later learns that the teacher never called up. The school building was already washed away by the whirlwind when she had received the phone call(from the school).

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