The last sunday, a vdo lecture by swami Ranganathananda was arranged. It was on ‘Practical Vedanta’. I was generally not happy about the adequacy of the contents of the talk to the topic. After coming back, i wrote down in detail(more than a few pages) what i felt was expected from such a talk and how the talk was not fulfillilng it. But when i clicked the publish button the site hanged and my write up was irrecoverable. I neither have the patience nor the mood to write about it again. This has happened to me on other occasions too, when i am in criticising mode.  Swami Ranganathananda is an advanced spiritual person and he knows better what his audience needs to be told. Who am i? Macchar

One Response to “Mysterious?”

  1. siva Says:

    I am very impressed with your truthfullness. Hari Bol.

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