Ravana is dead

Since, the story part was not the focus of this lecture series on Ramayana; today, Swamiji finished Ravana by starting as ‘After Ravana fell to the ground a light emerged from his body and entered Rama’. Apparently this story of light/soul merging into Rama is found only in Adhyatma Ramayana. The Adyatma Ramayana, from the very beginning, recognises the divine nature of Rama and that Rama is none other than Vishnu incarnate. Valmiki on the other hand portrays Rama majorly as a human being, though at a few places he hints that Rama is none other than the supreme being. For instance:

When Ravana is dead and lying on the battle ground, Mandodari comes and wails. In her wailings she says that even when Khara and Dushana with their large army were destroyed single handedly by Rama, she had realised that Rama was the supreme being.

Ofcourse, Swamiji did’nt translate the last word as ‘supreme being’. He said something which meant, Rama was beyond time.

Swamiji, in one of the earlier lectures, mentioned that in the Valmiki Ravana has only one head. Its only in the Ramacharitamanas and later Ramayana’s that he has ten heads.

Vibhishana moaning the death of Ravana remember the many good deeds of Ravana. He also praises his devotion to Lord Shiva. Here Swamiji mentioned that there is a sutra, a hymn on Shiva, supposed to have composed by Ravana. I forgot the name, but Swamiji says its very melodious to sing and is set in very good metre.

When Ravana saw Vibhishana on the battleground he at once got furious.  Thinking that all that happened was due to Vibhishana he hurled the shakti weapon (shula?) at him. Shakti is weapon that Shiva had bestowed to Ravana saying that no person could withstand it. Rama, all knowing that he is, comes in the way of the weapon and absorbs the power in the weapon.    

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