Homeopathy gave up

Could do no work today, thanx to the nose allergy. I note down here various reasons that could have lead to it. In noting them down, i assume that anything that i do out of routine is the cause for nose allergy.

Today, i was woken up at 8.00a.m by the mobile. A friend called up.

Yesterday: i ate more than my usual quota of chocolates got by ahc from US. I went to Malls and ate a frozen pastry. I stayed up late in the night until 1.40 in the Dept and 2.30-3 a.m. in the room.

On such days, Homeopathy fails to show strong and immediate effect.  I tried repeated doses of Natrum Mur in the morning and afternoon. I also tried Allilum Cepa late in the afternoon, a couple of times.  By this time, allergy also manifested as mild ear ache. Finally, i had to resort to Cetrizine and sleep in the room. This works without fail. I still have a mild headache, though. In the afternoon, staying in the ac room seemed to help a bit.

I should get a few drams of 30c potency Natrum Mur and see if that works. Because, the Homeopathy does have an effect but not enough to nip the allergy on such days.

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  1. amanda Says:

    very nice

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