Today Swamiji came to the end of Valmiki’s Ramayana.

Somewhere in the hymns recited in praise of Rama, by Shiva followed by Indra, the word murari occurs. In this context, Swamiji mentioned that Mura was the commander in chief of Narakasura’s army. Murari meant one who did the samhara of Mura i.e, Krishna. I forgot how then it fit into a praise for Rama.

Valmiki’s Ramayana ends with the coronation of Rama followed by the descripton of Rama rajya. Phala shruthi marks the finish. Ofcourse, there is some more added saying that the story of Rama is not fiction and had occurred long long ago

I remember this part vividly because the Mura i know is a scientist who specialises in micromechanics of defects. 

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