I know only Motilal

After the coronation of Shri Ramachandra, many sages came to greet him. One day, the great and senior seven (i donot remember the exact number)sages -Agastya included-arrived. They lodged near the palace and asked a messenger(dwarapalak?) to inform Dasharatha’s son that they had arrived. At this juncture, Swamiji explained as to why they addressed Shri Rama as Dasharatha’s son. The sages belonged to the age group of Dasharatha and its common among seniors to refer to the children as so and so’s son, no matter what his stature. Swamiji cited a real life example here…

Sir M Visweshwaraiyya and Jawaharlal Nehru were sharing the dias in some function connected to or not much later than the Bhakra dam times. Sir M was not for the Bhakra project and possibly had a grudge. As it happens, Nehru addressed the gathering for a while and then it was Sir M’s turn. At some point in his address Sir M referred to Jawaharlal as Motilal. To which, Jawaharlal rose and objected saying that it was him and not his father on the dias. Sir M then hastened to add “i dont know who you are, i know only motilal!”

I wonder if this incident is recorded elsewhere.

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