Lucknow to Mysore

Today, a swami from Mysore narrated an interesting event in his promotional talk on Viveka Prabha, a 10 page magazine published by the Mysore ashram.

A person passing by one of the lanes of Lucknow saw at some distance a crowd in heated arguments in front of a house. He suddenly found a book, flung from the house, which landed in front of him. He picked up the book and carried it along. Being ignorant about the book he thought he would give it to someone who may find it useful. This person, when he returned to Mysore handed it over to a Doctor friend. The doctor, not having time for the book, stacked it on her shelf at home. Her son, however, got curious and browsed it now and then. He got interested and started visiting the Ramakrishana math and soon took vows of Brahmacharya. He continued so for ten years,  took sanyasa and went on to head (my guess) the math at Mysore.  The book was, ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’.

This story was told to the swamiji, in one of the night classes condcuted by the swami in the story above.

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