World cup stadium

I planned for a movie, the 4.30 show, today. Yes, the ‘Pirates of the Carribean’. Dr. Shim directed me to take the line 6 and watch it in the multiplex CGV sangam, which was ‘near’ the world cup stadium. It was as simple as that. The other day Anil had showed me how to reach the subway here in Sangwolgok. `was wondering if the world cup stadium was used as such or do i have to say it in Korean at the ticket counter. Luckily the guy at the subway ticket counter followed my English and there I was in line 6. A quick look at the map in the subway station revealed that I had to take the line 6 that was going towards Eungam. Once in line 6, I rarely gazed away from the led display of station names above the door…after 30-40 minutes I was at worldcup stadium. The subway station is right in the worldcup stadium. I had read in a googled website that I have to take a bus from the worldcup stadium station to reach the stadium…an example of a misleading website. As u walk out of exit 1 or 2, an escalator takes you right in front of CGV.  I did’nt find sangam written anywhere. There are 8 counters (7?) selling tickets, possible they handle all the 7(8?) theatres. My English pronounciation failed me this time. Though, she caught the word carribean in my rendering and told me that I could get the ticket only for the 9:45 show. And, I thought ‘sold out’ for English movies must be unusual in Seoul!!  Four consecutive shows were sold out!

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