I planned to leave for Jogyesa on Sunday morning. But it rained heavily. It seemed as though it would last the whole day but the sky was clear by afternoon. So i took Line 6 to Dongmyo, Line 1 to Jogno-3-Samga and then Line 3 to Anguk. The directions given in the map to the temple were Line 3, Exit 6. However, even 100 meters away from Exit 6 i did not find a board giving directions to the temple. And no building around looked like it could be a temple. There are directions for the insadong street and just before you turn for this street there is an information desk. But i decided not to ask…if the map just mentions Exit 6 then it must be close by. I dont ask at the information desk and instead take the right. After about 100 odd meters i saw a building with typical Korean traditional architecture and guessed that could be the temple. It turned to be some kind of sign post for the Gyeonbokgung palace. Looked impressive to me and so i decided to visit the palace instead.
I spent about 2-3 hours going around the palace. At the exit i asked the information desk for directions on Jogyesa 🙂
There is no sign board anywhere near the temple. I asked a passerby about the temple again and then we both discovered that it was just a few yard away from where we stood.
The main hall has three gigantic golden colored Buddha idols in padmasana next to each other. Looking at them was instantly mind-soothing. Many people in the hall were squatted on the floor counting beads or meditating. When i sat next to one of them with closed eyes, thoughts vanished gradually but with ease from the mind. Minutes later a monk came and started the prayer. The sounds of the prayer aided in clearing the mind. These chants have an effect that make me feel i am in a cave some where amidst monks. As i was thinking about this, i was reminded of Pitalkhora caves near Aurangabad, India.  I have been to many caves but somehow Pitalkhora filmed across the mind. At the end of 45 minutes, i the interest of time, i left the prayer to see other halls in the same compound.
Browsed the bookstall,…very few books in English and the few were costly (>20,000 won).
I wish to come here more often.

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