Dream of having my palm read

Today, i dreamt of having my palms read. The lines on my palm were exaggerated. The fate line, the line vertically dividing the palm into two, was continuous and deeply grooved. In fact, this line is discontinuous and is yet to divide the palm fully.  I heard some one say that i had to undergo a lot of struggle (did’nt say if it was ongoing or ahead). I noticed my palm looked like that (too many small criss cross lines).  To which, i laughed and said that i was having fun all through. I feel this dream happened late in the morning…

I was generally browsing the net when i was lead to the site on interpretation of dreams. The memory of this dream flashed then. I did a search on ‘dream of seeing palms of your hand’ and found this one. It says that “you are in danger of becoming an object of suspicion or ridicule over some matter that you may have gossiped about. If you are a palm reader you will gain distinction through hard work.”

I am not a palm reader.

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