C.I.Taylor on Islam

The other day (a couple of weeks back) there was a notice about an exhibition cum sale of books on Islam. It was amusing especially because this is a research institute dealing with advanced materials and processes.  Nevertheless, i checked it just before closing time. A book with ‘Foreword by Rabindranath Tagore’  printed below the cover picture caught my attention. It is on ‘Islam’s contribution to science and civilisation’. I am yet to go through it but something on the last page impressed me.  It is the ‘Notes’ page and quotes the opinion of Taylor on the civilising power of Islam. It struck me because i haven’t thought, come across or heard such an opinion ever before. 

“It is not the first propagation of Islam that has to be explained, but it is the permanency with which it retains its hold upon its converts. An African tribe once converted to Islam never returns to paganism and never embraces Christianity…

 …Islam, above all, is the most powerful total abstinence association in the world, whereas the extension of European trade means the extension of drunkenness and vice and the degradation of the people….

…We ought to begin by recognising the fact that Islam is not an anti-Christian faith, but a half Christain faith.”

If you are wondering who is Taylor see here

This book is written by Maulvi Abdul Karim.

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