As it usually happens in dreams, u neither see yourself nor the persons who are involved in the event but the dream is complete. It was the kitchen room in our house in Chalisgaon. And strangely, in the dream, its my sleeping place and i am concerned that its not clean. I complain to someone…and he cleans it with a particular broom. I am not satisfyed and use another broom, the one i have in my present room in Seoul, to clean. I clean once but find there is more to clean. I find an empty rack, no vessels or boxes on it, hanging on the wall. I take it away to make more space. There seems to be ever more fine dust which even my broom cannot clean. The dream ends with me trying to clean the finer dust.

I read up a few sites on interpretation of dreams. I didn’t find any on sweeping the kitchen or sleeping room but there are two (the second one) on Sweeping which give the guessable explanation that ‘you are clearing your mind of emotional and mental clutter, getting rid of old attitudes’. The second site also says that the dream can have negative connotations; there is a superstition that sweeping waste is unlucky because u would be sweeping good luck with it.

While none of these interpretations hold in my case, cleaning my room now is due.  This was at the back of my mind for sometime…that could be the root of my dream. That it was the kitchen in Chalisgaon is probably a random choice as it usually is in dreams…

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