In one of my impulsive attempts to shape up, i decided on jogging. An article in The Hindu planted this thought in mind. The next thing that came to mind was that to jog i needed a shoe. An appropriate shoe. And so i spent the next couple of days browsing and getting through the jargon of shoe-ology. I discovered that your feet would decide your pronation type: neutral, under, over. My feet are arched and therefore under pronation type but i preferred neutral type because they didn’t exactly fit the under pronation description. Then came the next step as to which company should i choose. Thankfully, for this too there are websites and softwares which will, based on pronation type, give the list of shoe models available from different companies. Incidentally, Asics happens to have won the best shoe type for i dont remember which year. This increased the amount of time i spent on searching for the model type in the company shop-precisely four weeks. And then one fine day in my search for the right shoe, i chanced upon one that was not in my list, the NIKE FREE shoe. It was light and looked perfect fit though i didn’t try it out. It was luv at first sight. But then knowing my impulsive nature i curbed my urge to buy then and there and willed to wait another week to know if i still felt the same way about NIKE FREE.

As it usually happens, i ended up buying NIKEFREE two weeks later. When i tried it the next day they were too tight. I asked my korean labmate to call up and ask if i could exchange. (Its unimaginable to tell this in my indian english to a korean shopkeeper). I went the following weekend and found that the next higher size, 10.5 had a problem in one shoe. When i wore them both i felt the right shoe pricking me near the first hole provided for the shoelace.  They didn’t have another size or another pair of the same size. So another week later-they called my labmate mid week to inform about the arrival of the new pair of shoes-i decided on the size 11. This one too pricked in my right foot but less and i wasn’t ready for another week of waiting for fear of losing interest in the idea completely, so i bought it. Today, yet another week later, i wore the shoes on my weekend jaunt to the KYOBO book stall at Gwanghamun. It pricked but soon i forgot about it and 2 hours later i find its not bad…infact the shoe gives a good feel. The pamphlet that came with the shoe, which i left behind at the store, read that one had to wear the shoe for sometime to sort-off let it adjust to your feet. 

…ofcourse, i am yet to start on my jogging! i hope to start it this week, may be tomorrow?

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