Veena-listener’s delight

I was browsing for something, anything around related to music. And i chanced upon this link on a iitb website!  Its a lecture by Veena Sahasrabuddhe introducing Hindustani Classical Music(HCM) to students at UICT Mumbai.  Its an absolutely fascinating, lucid and concise introduction to the elements of HCM. Anyone new to HCM will surely appreciate the concerts much more. I am not new to classical music but it was not  boring even for a moment; she has a pulse for the audience and strikes the perfect balance between sounding like a teacher, friend and entertainer. For instance, she tells you, if you came late to a concert, how to make out at what stage the concert is or how much of the piece being rendered is over.

Its interesting how she demonstrates using sargam the dilemma of bagula bhagat (Crane, i think) which wants to fish and at the same time keep an eye on the hunter. This idea was her fathers which apparently Kumar Gandharva luved so much it kept him engaged all night.  She also shows by singing the different swara sthanas: shuddha komal and tivra present in the octave. This one is a treat.

In the course of the lecture, she asks if students are aware of songs in Raag Yaman, here she sings a line from Allah Tero Naam, Eswar Tero Naam…Its a divine moment. Towards the end of the talk, she sings a bandish in raag yaman, following it with the bhajan, ‘ghat ghat mein panchi bolta’

A must for anyone interested in an intro to HCM…to anyone interested in spending some time on Raag Yaman.

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