The disruptive spiritual model!

While the phrase, disruptive business model (google), or idea (ipod) is fresh in the world of business it was, in a way, time and again implemented by several spiritual masters. The ones more recent and explicitly disruptive were JK and UG but Nisargadatta and Ramana also did the same.

I couldn’t think of a better phrase when i saw this video.  His smile at the end of that hilarious description of the usage of the four letter word shows that he too was holding it for the end. It must have been a task. The video is an excerpt from Osho’s “Great Pilgrimage: From here to here” and is titled Spiritually Incorrect.

One Response to “The disruptive spiritual model!”

  1. manishm77 Says:

    I did not understand what exactly you are trying to say.

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