Summer Scent

A romantic TV serial (in korean with english subtitles) which makes you wait for every episode.  Fortunately, its an old serial; all 20 parts are available online. I saw all of it! on the weekend in a marathon session.  Strangely, an indian friend in Belgium suggested me this TV drama.  He came to know about it from his korean friend. I live in Seoul and none of my colleagues here new anything korean with english subtitles.

After watching 8 epsiodes, i got a bit impatient and tried to fast forward but soon decided to let it go slow.  Its never boring, though. The complete serial can be viewed here at Its a love triangle.  When all the characters are gentle and nice only time (call it fate?) can play the role of the game changer.  The many old english songs that serve as appropriate background are a treat.

However, there are somethings that leave one wondering…like when Shim Hae Won thinks nothing (or does not give as much importance) of the fact that Park Jung Jae abused her…at one time he locks her up and attempts to rape her! Surely, this should have been enough reason for any one to leave him no matter what…

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