This restaurant is located in Jongak station (line 1) as you walk towards one of the exits (5 or 6). Its in the food court next to Bandi and Luni’s.
They have a sit out and a smaller sit in. Looks good. It has the usual list of Indian vegetarian dishes you would find in all other restaurants. However, the one time i went there things were a little bit too oily. Didn’t like the samosa either.
Hopefully that is an exception and they do serve less oily food on other days.
There is another NAMASTE restaurant in Dongmyo (Line 6/ Line 1) just outside Exit 2. Its on the second floor. This one looks even more impressive. The food was better than that i had in Jongak.

2 Responses to “Namaste”

  1. czar Says:

    Two more NAMASTE locations i know of: 1) Line2-Gangnam exit 11, turn right once out of exit and then take first left in the narrow lane its on 2nd Floor and a small board is visible.
    2) Line1- Gasan digital complex exit 2 its inside (newly opened) Mario-3 building on 12th floor it has limited menu items.

    Average food cost per head comes around 12-13K

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