Indians vulnerable to attacks of another kind

had read it long ago in TOI but yesterday i saw it on CNN.  Apparently, 4% of indians (of the sub-continent) are vulnerable to heart attack which is the world’s highest.  You could be vegetarian, non-smoking and may not even consume caffiene. Yet you would find yourself a heart patient when you are 40 or older.  Scientists have found the reason be in the genes.  One in 25 indians carry a genetic mutation which increases the risk of heart disease. Those who have this gene can take precautions in staying healthy to stay lnger. However, does india have the infrastructure to cater (test and treat) the 250 million or so who carry this gene?

For those who are interested in the technicalities of this finding here is the link to the article published in Nature Genetics.

2 Responses to “Indians vulnerable to attacks of another kind”

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