This is another restaurant where we can get Indian food. Take Line 6, get down at Anam station, take the exit for college of science/science campus. Its in the lane perpendicular to the exit. Its on the second floor in a complex before the Olive Young shop but after Baskins and Robbins. The board with the name of the restaurant will not be visible unless you are at the entrance to the complex.
The ambience is more like a korean restaurant. The waiters are korean but understand english. Infact, to my surprise the Nepali guy, who was also serving, could not follow English.
There are 4 vegetarian dishes. I had Navratan curry. The taste was different and good. The Dal makhani was also different but not to my taste. Naan is also different in look and taste from other restaurants but good. My friend, who is a non-vegetarian, did like the Murgh Masala. Infact, he found the taste closer to the taste in Kerala(India)!

Apparently, the name Ostla is the name for Lakshmi the hindu goddess.

2 Responses to “Otsal”

  1. Benares « musings Says:

    […] By dinanath This Indian restaurant is in the same lane as Otsal. Line 6, Anam, Exit 2/3. Its about 100 meters from Otsal. Second floor. The manager is Korean and […]

  2. king Says:

    Oh yeh i love the food they serve .most yummy food in seoul.ganga and other indian restaurant they use bloody oil toooooooooo much.here in otsal i love the food.

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