La Bayadere

The other day, thanx to an Italian friend, i saw my first ballet. La Bayadere is a story is based in India. Its about the love between a temple dancer and a knight. The twist is that the temple priest too lusts after her.  Further trouble comes from the King who wants to marry his daughter to the Knight. Everything is ofcourse expressed through dance. It was fascinating. Two things made an impression in my mind.  It was grand…they could capture the grandeur of the kings and of medieval india. Then there was this act where in ~30 ballerinas dance in sync. All of them dressed in white, the light dimmed and the stage set to show that it was night or was some kind of a dream sequence….It occured to me in this act that dance, like all other art forms, is act of meditation. If i remember correct this sequence is called the kingdom of shades. 
The Kingdom of Shades (below) and scenes from the last act.

The Kingdom of Shades (below) and scenes from the last act. This is a scan from the brochure that was distributed at Seoul Arts Center

The Ballet was held at Seoul Arts Center…which has a magnificient Opera Theater. The orchestra for this ballet was live.

The lead dancer was so lean…she almost looked fragile. But she gave a fabulous performance. I figured out later that more than one lead dancer played the role of the temple dancer.  On the whole it was an unforgettable experience. A must watch for all those who are new to ballet and are looking for something that would keep their curiosity alive.

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