Its in my genes, what can i do about it?

Well, you can… a lot!
Just the other day i had posted on a scientific article in Nature journal about how a large number of indians (south asian) are succeptible to heart attack even if they had a perfectly healthy diet. And yes, it was shown that this was because they had it in their genes. Apparently, it is a gene mutation specific to south asians that is responsible.
But today, i saw this video on Edge, where Prof. Dean Ornish (UCSF) and author (Spectrum) spoke about his research on how gene expression itself can be changed by changing life style.
His words: “Recently, my colleagues and I have conducted research in areas as diverse as the effects of comprehensive lifestyle changes on telomeres, gene expression, coronary heart disease, and prostate cancer.

In terms of heart disease, we were able to show, for the first time, that it could be reversed by changing lifestyle, and these improvements occurred much more quickly than had once been thought possible. Usually within hours, and almost always within days to weeks, your heart can receive more blood flow. As a result, we found over a 90 percent reduction in the frequency of angina or chest pain. ”
For more details and lots of videos showing scientifically stimulating discussions on a whole range of topics visit

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