Raja Rani

Today we went in search of the kings tomb (uireung) near National University of Arts. By the time we reached there it was ~6.30 p.m.  The closing time is 6 p.m. as we discovered on reaching there. It appears to be located in a huge park. To spend time we walked along to Hankuk Univ of  foreign studies. There we took a break at starbucks located on the main road opposite the main gate of Hankuk Univ. The starbucks cashier told us that there was an indian restaurant near the next subway station Hoegi. We took the subway (very near to starbucks) to Hoegi. The restaurant is located near exit 1 (which is the kyonghee univ exit) after a few meters walk on the second floor.

Its recently opened-about 3 months old.

The looks are good but there was no one inside. We ordered for naan, mix vegetable curry and dal tadka-the 3 dishes i think are basic items where nothing should go wrong. I use them to compare between restaurants. And ofcourse vegetable pakoda.

The pakoda was good. The naans were more like parathas. The dal tasted ok but unlike anywhere else. The curry was basically carrot curry! The taste was so so.

I hope they improvise soon. However, for those who are looking for change this could be a try out.  Atleast the pakoda wouldn’t disappoint you.  They also serve non-veg with halal option.

Hoegi is on line 1. Raja Rani is the name of the indian restaurant.

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