Ayurvedic medicine… scientific?

Well, i was sure that it was; most of it should be or could be proved. But today in a discussion with a colleague here from Iran (who is a doctor) i was not able to give examples of scientific papers published on Ayurvedic medicine. Ofcourse, when u know it works u dont bother to check if it was published in a scientific journal. I was sure atleast some would have been published but one never bothered to check. Well today i had too …
I googled for ‘journal of ayurveda’ and found this site…its an online International journal of ayurveda research.  The articles are yet to be available online but looks promising.

Here is an article in Nature journal about an energy-boosting drug which is traditionally known as arogyapacha.

Here is a news item in Nature journal mentioning that the Indian Govt. launched a scheme (in 1987) to place traditional medicine on a scientific basis.  

Here is an article in Phytotherapy Research on ayurveda in central nervous system disorders.

Here is a whole lot of indian journals (some international) on ayurveda specifically.

A journal by Kerala Ayurveda.

Here is an article in Nature Immunology that talks about the history of medicine in India ever since it acquired a rational approach in 1000 BCE.

Here is an article in Nature which talks about the anti-cholestrol drug developed from myrrh tree.

Here is an article on drugs for cardiovascular disorders.

Here is an article in Journal of Neuroscience on the treatment for Parkinsons disease based on Ayurveda.

And a whole bunch (~450) of articles for the key word Ayurveda in scholarly article search engine pubmed.

I also found something that was cautionary and published in the journal of the american medical association. This entire issue is about how many of the ayurvedic medicines actually have unacceptable amounts of toxic metals!

Well…now atleast i have convinced myself there is a lot of effort going on to provide scientific basis for ayurvedic medicine.

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