why my mobile wouldn’t work in korea?

I realised that my mobile wouldn’t work the  moment i landed in korea, which is two years back. But just accepted it. I asked a few koreans but as is usual they expressed surprise with the look which says ‘thats something wrong with you and not korea’.
Anyways, now i want to buy a mobile but then had this doubt if i buy it here would it work elsewhere in the world? So back to the same question why does my mobile not work here. A few clicks later on google i found this website which explains it. In short it is as follows:
1. There are two modes in which the mobile operates. GSM and CDMA. If you have a GSM phone it wont work in a country which has the CDMA system.

2. There are frequencies in which the mobile phone operates.  Korea and Japan  operate at a frequency which no other country uses. The quad band phones also will not work here.

3. Your phone will work in Korea and Japan only if it is a triband plus UMTS (or WCDMA) 2100.

4. If the phone is a quadband which includes UMTS2100 then it would work anywhere in the world.

2100 is the frequency of operation in Korea and Japan.


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