Maisan Tapsa

Maisan is the mountain. And Tapsa is a temple. The temple is located in the Mai mountains. 

How to reach there: Bus from Seoul to Jeonju (~3hours), Jeonju to Jinan (~40 minutes), Jinan to Maisan (10-15 minutes).  Buses are available most of the day up to ~9:30 between Seoul and Jeonju.

I started at 7 a.m. and was back by 9:30 p.m.

The hike to Tapsa from Maisan bus-stop takes nearly an hour. Its located in a valley. So one has to climb down after reaching nearly the top of the mountain from one side.  Tapsa is basically a buddist temple with pagodas that are peculiar. They are made of stones of different shapes and size with no cement. Look like stones arranged meticulously one on top of other.  It is said that the entire thing was built by a monk single handedly. And ofcourse there are other legends. 

From a distance it appears as though the dome shaped things are the roof to the temple but actually they are behind the temple. It was a bit of disappointment for me.  But the place is scenic and weather was pleasant. A constant breeze, clear sky and overall greenery made it a great experience.

If you are done with the temple sooner that you thought you can go around the moutains that area all around. The Maisan mountains are not rocky they look like there are made of a paste of sand+stones or different sizes. Almost like a huge chunks of volcanic material thrown over  from the sea. Very unlike the Bukhansan mountains or for that matter any mountain in India.

As with all mountains in Korea…there is plenty of water, food (fruits and non-veg).  Its one of the places you can just leave with minimum preparation. The map? its available at the entrance to the mountain trail. And yes there is fee (its classified as a park) ~2000 won.

Some good pictures and info can be seen on other blogs and here.

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