how to remove norton antivirus? word opens slowly

I removed Norton Antivirus using the Uninstall options available in settings->control panel->Add/Remove programs.  However, this does not remove it completely. In addition, Microsoft Word runs this antivirus check every time i opened a file, which takes a long time.

I googled and tried several suggestions. The following is a list of the suggestions and their outcome.

Someone  suggested that i remove the Norton and Symantec folders in the Program Files directory. However, i was unable to delete these folders.

Someone else suggested that i open the ‘registry’ by running ‘Regedit’ and delete files containing Norton. But these files could not be deleted.

Another suggested that it was because of the bluetooth and that i should change the status from 3 to 2 for bluetooth in Registry in the office folder. You can change the status but will not solve the problem.

The thing that finally solved the problem is given in this link. Its a software that uninstalls norton completely. The software is most likely from Symantec guys.  And the ftp link which downloads the software is here. Word now opens easily and does not look for the antivirus!

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