MS&T 2009- Do not register online!

One can register for MS&T 2009 conference online here.  However, when i filled in the registration form and the credit card details the website displays the message “authorisation error”. So I tried again and correcting any possible mistake in the address and the website displayed another error message. I did this 4 times. Two times with my credit card and two times with my friend’s credit card. And the website displayed one or the error message.
When we checked with the bank, we discovered that the money was transfered to MS&T all four times. And i did not get the registration confirmation mail. The website claims that one gets a confirmation mail once the payment is done.
This means that the following thingsa re wrong with the website:
1. The website does not recognise that the payment is made. And therefore does not send a confirmation mail.
2. The website (or the program behind it) can do multiple registrations on the same name. All four payments that i did are on the same name.

I have basically paid $1980 as against $495. I hope to get the money back. I have written to the webmaster and the TMS contact, who is on vacation and has asked me to write to another contact.
I have got no replies as yet (its nearly 24 hours now).
Will post more on this as and when i get the response from the organisers.

29th June

Its 6 days that i have sent mails. No reply. I tried calling the phone numbers given on the website. I had to leave a voice message on two numbers. No response. After my first attempt on subsequent attempts i could not even reach the numbers!

Today i faxed to the number given on the registration form.  I hope to get a response.

29th June-Night

I received a mail and also called up the person who had mailed me. They do not have my name among the registered persons. Which means the money is deducted by not by the organisers! However, i was asked to provide credit card number! and credit card statement showing that the payment was done.

30th June

I received a very clear mail from the organisers mentioning that they did have a report of me attempting to register a number of times (8 times). However, they have not deducted any amount from my credit card. Apparently, they declined all my transactions.

What a relief!

Now it remains to see why the credit card account still shows that the transactions were made.

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