This Indian restaurant is in the same lane as Otsal. Line 6, Anam, Exit 2/3. Its about 100 meters from Otsal. Second floor. The manager is Korean and some of the cooks too. But the food is North-Indian. They serve the usual vegetarian items available in all Indian restaurants in Seoul: mix-vegetable curry (this curry goes by different names), Dal (two versions) and some Paneer items. The curries are available in mild, medium, hot, very hot. I found even medium to be hot enough. Taste is good enough. They serve a plate of korean rice even if you do not ask for it.
The waiters are Korean women dressed up uniquely. Over their lehenga they sport layers of chain link waist belt which jingles as they walk around.

One Response to “Benares”

  1. king Says:

    This bloody benares restaurant is bull shit.I really dont line the food they serve.tandoori chicken is so dry and no any taste..YE SAB GANDU LOK INDIAN FOOD KO BADNAM KAR RAHE HEN.KICK DA ASS OF THESE BASTARDS.i hate eating such kondian food in seoul.

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