gladwell and heart disease

First i chanced upon the article in the scientific journal ‘nature’ about Indians being vulnerable to heart disease because of their genes (read here about it). Soon after, again by chance, i read something which basically said indicated that genes had little to do with heart disease(read here about it). And now i read in Gladwell’s book, ‘Outliers’ that being a part of a community where there is healthy social interactions and having a good family life guaranteed a life free from heart problems. One can call it a coinicidence that i stumbled across all three articles one after another in a short period of time.  However, as the old  turtle in ‘Kungfu Panda’ says “there is no coincidence”.

Talking of Gladwell, i have read his ‘tipping point’ and ‘blink’ as well.  Gladwell basically takes up on one question and answers  it by giving different examples. Actually, he comes to the answer in the first example itself.  The remaining ones are more like substantiating the answer arrived at in the first example.  They many examples are actually an overkill to prove a point.

So here is my suggestion:

Read any one chapter…if you have got the point he is making leave the book.  Unless you have the time and patience to digest the overload of examples suggesting essentially the same thing.

‘Outliers’  basically tries to prove that exceptional people in all fields art, science, sports etc. have put in extraordinarily large amount of hardwork to get where they are.  If you need proof that hardwork pays OR if you want to know what hard work means or how much one needs to work then this is your book.

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