Mt. Fuji and the mountain hut

When I came to know that we could actually stay on Mt. Fuji i was delighted. If you are the ordinary hiker, like i am, you would need this break. This dawned on me even more when i was on the way up the moutain- I was wishing every small shed to be our halting place. Its too windy and fine sand is hitting you all the time. I weigh ~65 kg but the wind was strong enough to shake me. (We hiked up the Mt. during Aug-19th-20th).

There are huts on every station; Mt. Fuji is divided into several stations each at a higher height. (There are 10 of them, if i am not wrong). We started the trek from the 5th Station, which is also called Kawaguchiko 5th station. It took us nearly 5 hours to reach the 8th station, where we had planned our halt in a mountain hut.

We were totally exhausted by the time we reached there. Though not hungry (were munching all the way) we looked forward to the food (we had asked in advance for the food). However, inspite of having reserved  for vegetarian food we found fish and beef in our food packets. Apparently, the one with whom we had arranged for the mountain hut did not inform. But the bigger shock was yet to come….the sleeping place. We were directed to a bed which already had four people(2 men, 2 women) lying. And we were four of us. When we finally managed to arrange ourselves between them there was enough place only to look upward (face up). If we turned we would be within kissing distance of each other.  The length of the bed was such that i couldn’t stretch (i am 5’8”). But where do we keep our shoes, bags and extra clothing. I was asked to use the shoes either as pillow or keep them beside my head. And the bags had to rest on our feet or they could serve as pillow for our feet.

One could barely hope to sleep in such a condition. When asked, the Hut-keepers told us we couldn’t expect this to be a guest house. But then it was too expensive. We stayed for 3 hours and paid 5000 yen!. In Tokyo we stayed in Sakura Hotel (a likeable place)  and had paid 4500 yen for a day. 

So if you plan for halt at the mountain hut…here are the facts. The online reservation and the people who actually run the show are two different people….This leaves scope for ,”we were not told by him”.. .

So: No special requests (like Vegetarian…) , Dont expect to get a comfortable bed, Expect to be sleeping next to total strangers within vanishing distance, No bathing (if ur lucky you could brush teeth), Toilets unusable (there are just too many people using it…expect to stand in a queue to use them)…

Therefore, while the mountain hut is definitely a welcome break, keep your expectations low.

Cold and Hot drinks are available all the way to the top. At the very top you will get noodles too. Its even more windy there. I tried navigating around the craters and at one time had to lie low and crawl. Walking would have blown me away.

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