Edison and the electric chair

I was contemplating joining GE when I came across this book that deals with Edison and his role in the electric chair.  That the author(Mark Regan Essig) is a doctorate in American History added value to my curiosity-it was going to be authentic material.

I left this post unfinished back in `06.  Though i read the book then didn’t feel like blogging  it.  Edison (and the light bulb) has been glorifyed in our minds so much that we forget that he was human and subject to human frailty. This book shows that there could be more than one reason for being a ‘humanitarian’.

An employee of GE today goes through a number of training programs which explain what constitutes appropriate behavior (ethics in general).  It leaves a good feeling-that we are in good company; and that is true indeed. Some development programs run by Edison’s name. There is also a ‘Chair’ (to be occupied by achievers) on his name.  As someone remarked, in the long run people remember only the good things. We owe so much of the luxury we have today to Edison- he was a genius technologist.  Period.

The book makes excellent reading. Read it if you also want to know how and why we are using AC power supply instead of DC.  For those who do not know what the Electic Chair is, you can see it in the movie ” Green Mile”.  Thomas Edison is the founder of the GE company.

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