Ignored! Even in Korea

On weekends i go to the Indian market buy frozen roti’s, indian snacks and such. Typically, i end the evening with dinner in a nearby Indian restaurant. There are many on way to my home. I chose one such restaurant and got in. The Indian waiter looked at me for a moment and then shifted his glance. Entering the restaurant just behind me were a western couple (both white with golden-brown hair). The waiter was all attention to them. Realising, i searched for a table lest he assign even the table to them. I found one but it was not clean; it had dishes with food left over from the previous customers. I requested it to be cleaned but the waiter was still all ears to the western couple. Just then another waiter (and possibly a cook too-he had the white cap that chefs wear) came by and offered to clean the table. He too was Indian and possibly was observing all of this from the kitchen (the kitchen as an open window which is used to pass the dishes to the waiter). He carried the expression of “i know what u must be going through”…i liked him instantly. Even thought of tipping him. But then other thoughts overpowered, “never seen anyone giving tips in Korea”. He cleaned the table…no table cloth no spoons. Nevertheless, I sat for a moment and then walked towards the tables where the food was arranged in large bowls. It was Buffet today. On weekends, its only Buffet…unlimited including dessert for 15000 won! I finished the starters (small samosas). It was then that the waiter thought i could be attended to. He got the table cloth (a sheet of paper) hinted with his eyes to me to lift my plate. He placed the sheet of paper, smiled and left. Even before i finished my starters the roti arrived on my table. I had no option but to get the curry and dal from the buffe table so that i could eat the roti before it got cold. The samosa’s can be had later.

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