Paragliding in Seoul

I had googled for long for information on paragliding in Seoul, but in vain. Unexpectedly a colleague’s friend got to know about it and even arranged the visit for us. Here are the details:
cost for paragliding: 90000 won
if you want to take pictures while gliding add 10000 won more. And if you want a video you have to pay 10000 more.
Its an exhilarating experience. They will take you up a mountain and then ask you to run down a slope. Before realise you are in air and flying.  But no need to worry, the pilot will be behind you as you take off, attached to the same parachute. He would do the navigating lest you get stuck in some trees. He controls the speed and also does some tricks that increase the thrill. 

Totally hastle free. No preparation is needed on our part.  The gliding lasts 25-30 minutes. 

This place is ~2 Kms from Guksu station. Guksu station is on Jungang line. Travel from Guksu station to the actual location was arranged by the paragliding company.  Apparently, there are many locations near Seoul. Our location goes by the name Yongpyeong, Youmyongsan. But i am not so sure of the name.  The website is here. Unfortunately its only in Korean. However, you can get the phone numbers. One of the pilots understood and spoke a little english.  They also offer training. We saw many people paragliding on their own.

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