the common question

most spiritual aspirants doubt if anything indeed is changing in them. any number of Guru’s have been asked this question. The answer lies in belief. Belief in the path chosen and the Guru. What else can be said?…If the destination is ‘realisation’ which can only be realised and not explained…how could one motivate oneself?
Once a spiritual aspirant asked Ramana. “I have been coming to you, Swami, many times, hoping that something will happen and I shall be changed. So far I do not see any change in me. I am as I was: a weakling of a man, an inveterate sinner.”

To which Ramana replied “On this road there are no milestones”. “How can you know which direction you are going? Why don’t you do what the first-class railway passenger does? He tells the guard his destination, locks the doors and goes to sleep. The rest is done by the guard, If you could trust your guru as much as you trust the railway guard, it would be quite enough to make you reach your destination. Your business is to shut the door and windows and sleep. The guard will wake you up at your destination.”  (from this link)
The answer appeals intellectually. However, can one hang on to belief forever ?

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