Tired of Japa?

Japa? …read about it and all. Even if one discards all the magical things that those practising japa are supposed to experience, there is certainly one ‘beneficial’ outcome: concentration. One will have greater clarity of thought. Having a greater focus is equivalent to having a higher resolution. So you can see, hear or feel things more things much better.

A must for those who have very low attention span.  

Here is what Swami Vivekananda had to say on Japa:

Q:Sometimes i get tired of Japa. Should i continue or read a book instead?
Vivekananda: One gets tired of japa for two reasons. Sometimes one’s brain is fatigued, sometimes it is the result of idleness. If the former, then one should give up japa for the time being, for persistence in it at the time results in seeing hallucinations, or in lunacy etc. But if the latter, the mind should be forced to continue japa.

I got this quote from this site on Swami Vivekananda.

However, with the mind being what it is its a tough battle.

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