This is the older version of my  ‘About’ page created on 2006/01/19.  I had it on for quite sometime until my niece happened to go through it. She found it too sad.  So, for a couple of years i did not have an ‘About’ page. However,  these days i find myself with lot of time and thought i should give it a try.  I tried writing the ‘About’ page again for a couple of times but noting seemed to be an apt description of  the contents of this blog.  I  did finally come up with a short, simple and positive ‘About’ page.  See here for the new page.


Hi, I am dinanath.

Enthused by my friends i made a few abortive attempts on blogging. Probably, because the drive was external and not genuine. But, then an event occured wherein i needed to express myself and the only place i could do that was in a personal dairy. So, i am going to use this blog as a place to jot down thoughts and memories, triggered by events, for myself. I do not see how anybody else would follow or find anything interesting here. Excepting, perhaps, a few friends and relations. Ofcourse, it may evolve and become what i cannot presume today.

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