My experience at Dr. Batra’s-2

This is a follow up from a previous post that talked about my first two visits to dr. batra’s clinic.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th visits were short and similar in content. The doctors were different. So 4 different doctors had seen me in 5 visits. I was asked if the hair fall had reduced. After the first visit i was asked to shampoo every 2 days. So there was no way i could compare the extent of hair fall with the time when i would shampoo once in 7 days.  Then i would be asked if i had increased the intake of protein. The answer is no because i was living in a cousin’s house and it was not feasible.  The doc would then ask me to continue the medicine i was taking. End of consultation! Before taking leave i would ask if the fungus had reduced. One of the doctors said that he couldn’t comment on that because that would need the microscope.  The doctor on the 5th visit said that the hair had become stable(don’t know what that meant) and that i needed to continue medication for another year or two for complete recovery.

The receptionist informed me that if i renewed treatment time by an year or two now i would get a discount! I asked if i could renew it by 6 months.  The receptionist sounded so much like a salesman that i heard myself saying NO.

In the past 5 months my personal observation is that hair is growing at a relatively faster rate. I know this because i visited the hair cutting saloon earlier than i normally do.  But the density of hair has not increased, i.e. new hair has not come up in areas where there was little or no hair.  I think that shampooing once every 2 days is a good idea.

I have one last visit left.

5 Responses to “My experience at Dr. Batra’s-2”

  1. ram Says:

    bhatras clinic is useless and they are fraudsters, looters looting in the name of posh clinics , all the treatments given by them are useless especially for hair treatments , watts etc as they finally will confirm after 2 years of looting money , that they have promised that their treatments are only for avoiding further loss and not for cure , which they will not say initially and will force you to enroll for minimum 2 years in the name of cure and lateron say sorry some doctors have misguided you , as there is no written proof . simple excuse with those bastards . i lost nearly Rs.40,000/- in the name of treatments and petrol expense to visit this useless clinic. i feel govt should undertake a survey and cancel their licence

  2. राजपूत Says:

    मुझे सिराइसिस है मे गलती से डॉ. बत्रा के क्लीनिक मे चला गया , वहाँ मुझे बेवकूफ बनाकर 7100 रुपए ले लिए और अब
    हर महीने सफेद रंग की चूसने वाली गोली दे देते हैं जो मार्केट मे फ्री मिलती है , कुछ भी फर्क नहीं पड़ा।
    इसके क्लीनिक में जनता का पैसा लूटने के लिए डॉ. नहीं सेल्स-मैंन बैठे हैं जो बेवकूफ बनाकर पैसे लूटते हैं . लोगों के पैसे लूटने का नायाब तरीका डॉ. बत्रा के क्लीनिक्स मे देखने को मिलता है। वहाँ हर बीमारी के लिए 5 से 10 साल का कोर्स है जिसके लिए 5000 से 5 लाख तक का प्लान है ,
    और उसके बाद भी 0.0000001% कोई गारंट नहीं ।अब मे कोर्ट केस करना चाहता हूँ कृपया रास्ता बताए।

    • dinanath Says:

      Dear Rajputji,
      I too am disappointed with Dr. Batra’s treatment. But I think if the clinic has been such a success at least some may have benefited from it.
      Court cases are another expenditure of time and money. I think for baldness due to hair loss there is no treatment as yet.
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. Please visit again.

  3. nishant Says:

    Yes, i have regrown full head hairs.
    This is nishant n will like to share my experience.
    After struggling hard, i found way to get hairs
    back naturaly. my hairs started falling n thiniing 3 yrs back, i was
    almost bald. i tried every oil, shampoo n treatments available in
    market including richfeel n dr. batra. but disappointed as i wasted
    money n time.
    so i thought of treating my hairs internaly as ur body indicates u
    something going wrong by shading hairs. i studied a lot on this n
    finaly made a strategy for hairs considering all causes of hairloss.
    i am following this from last 5 months and i can see all my hairs
    growing back without any surgery or costly treament :). very happy
    to see them again. provide all vital things that ur body needs in right quantity
    and see all your hairs growing back again.
    u can contact me on 9987196034. i will be glad to help u out thru dis.
    enjoy, have healthy hairs, smile n be happy.

    • pandi Says:

      Hi nishant, thanks for ur comments. Can u pls tel me in detailed, how ur hairs got regrown n wt r the food u took regularly…pls share ur valuable experience….

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