My experience at dr. Batra’s-2

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I had started with a 6 month course. At that time i thought i would continue for more time if i see any improvement in hair fall/growth at the end of 6 months.  Well, i can say that as a result of the treatment the hair grew faster-i had to visit the hair cutting saloon earlier than normal. However, i could not say whether the hair loss had reduced. Nevertheless i paid for extension of the treatment by one year.

Every visit, which is monthly once, the doctors ask the same questions. Do you see any improvement? Is there a decreases in hair loss? And every time i would say that i could not conclusively answer those questions. The reason being that before i started the treatment i used to wash hair once a week whereas now i was, on the doctors suggestion, washing hair every alternate day. And then i would ask the doctor if he/she thought that there was an improvement in the hair condition.  As i had mentioned in a previous post i had asked this question everytime to a different doctor because the doctor who attends to you is decided by when you go and how much rush is there and how many doctors are available on the day you visited.  The answers were never a clear yes or no. One of the doctors said my hair was now stable ( after 6 months).  Another said that i was 60% cured and that i had to continue until i was atleast 80% cured.  This suggestion was based on the number of follicles that still had fungus at the root.

The last visit about a month ago when i was asked if saw any improvement i gave the usual answers but then added that the dandruff was increasing. I never had a visible dandruff problem. But ever since the treatment started i could see white particles falling of my hair whenever i dusted it. There was also a little itch. To this suggestion the doctor asked me to stop using the liquid they had asked me to apply before hair wash.  She also give some other homoe medicine. And this medicine worked immediately. I cant say though whether it was the medicine that cured me of dandruff or it was because i stopped applying the liquid. But the dandruff did stop! So homoe does work.

About the reduction in hair fall, i am not so sure. I think that though the hair is growing faster, the density of hair (the number of hair on the scalp) is decreasing. I have meeting coming Monday. I have to get this doubt cleared.

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  2. Komal Says:

    Well… They didn’t give me any 6months option… it was one year treatment.. for which i had to pay Rs.12000. After two months, i must say the hair fall started reducing… Then after four months i had to go out of station for a month… i carried their medicine, shampoo and conditioner with me… used to have medicines at time… shampoo at time…still my hair started falling like hell… my hair fall increased more than it used to be before consulting dr.batras….. Since i was out of station i coudn’t consult them… so i tried to call them, for contniously a week i tried to call them… but they never connected to me a doctor… i was fed up with the hair fall, i felt i will become bald soon… so i stopped using the batras medicine and met a dermitoligist… now im applying mintop for hairfall… and i can see the change…

    I feel i wasted Rs.12000… Its my one month income…

    • dinanath Says:

      Thanks for leaving a message. As mentioned in my recent post i have discontinued the treatment after 1.5 years. I do not see any improvement. However, the doctor’s do say that they have been able reduce hair loss. I wonder if there is any ‘real’ treatment for hair loss.

  3. Rajan Says:

    Thanks all me you guys you help me a lot and save my money…I am another victim just like u guys would you please suggest me any dermitologist… Thanks once again…

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