My experience at dr. Batra’s-3

(read about the earlier parts here and here)

Today i visited the doctor a week earlier than scheduled. Thats because my scheduled visit falls on a long weekend and i will be out of station. The doctor asked the same questions i had the same answers but i found myself talking a bit louder. In between giving the same answers i told her a bit firmly that i didn’t think there was any reduction in hair loss.  She had a camera with her this time and she fished out the snaps that were taken in one of my earlier visits about 6 months back. A comparison of the snaps taken on this visit and then showed no difference.  There seemed to be some new hair growth near the fore heard( in the region where the hair loss forms the shape M). But there is a catch.  When the earlier photograph was taken my hair was oiled and easily grouped together. But this time i had not oiled the hair and they were not grouped.  The dr. said that the fact that there is no further growth of bald area is a positive sign.  And that my thinking that there was no hair loss could be more out of my anxiety! and need not be taken seriously. I was however asked to take a blood test for iron content and something connected to thyroid. Though, she said the latter was not of concern with males.

So i am supposed to take a blood test. I will get back a month later on this.

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7 Responses to “My experience at dr. Batra’s-3”

  1. Prashant Says:

    Please continue and share your reviews

    • dinanath Says:

      Dear Prashant,

      I stopped the treatment. I had started with 6 months treatment and then extended it by 1 year. At the end of the year they simply asked me to continue for 2 more years!!! This was counter to what the doctor had told me in my first visit. He said that it will be 1.5 to 2 years for my treatment. While I cannot conclusively say that Dr. Batra’s treatment is pointless but I have not seen any improvement in my hair. I now have a small bald patch which threatens to grow. I am losing hair as profusely as I did when I joined Batra’s treatment.

      Thanks for commenting on my Blog. Do visit again.

  2. Notohomeo Says:

    Homeopathy is fake medicine.
    Go get a hair works

  3. sumit Says:

    if u are completely bald…thn.u need to go to the DHI technique…(seriously)..
    but if u r losing hair…n partially…thn it can be some treatments…like the richfeel treatment…(costly)
    or laser treatment.. this whole treatment requires money and patience…..

  4. saurabh jain Says:

    guys… i just went to this dr batra.. n they want me to pay around 11000 for the one year treatment…? is this amount is ok? will the results come after this? i am loosing hair very much….

  5. Preete Says:

    I have starteted treatment with Dr.Batras and well tomorrow is my first meeting after paying 11000 rs. Please let me know if i can get my money back as i have read very bad reviews about the treatment. My hair is falling like hell and i dont want the treatment which is of no use.

  6. My experience at Dr. Batra’s-1 | musings Says:

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