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My earlier articles on this topic are here. After one and half years of treatment i can say that i did not see any perceptible difference in the baldness. There was a period during the treatment when it felt like hair loss was more! When i informed the doctors they were able to reduce the hair loss. The density of hairs, that is the  number of hairs in a given area did not increase. The doctors say that dead cells cannot be revived. They use a microscope and have a procedure of making a hair count. Based on the hair count they have classified the level of the problem. They tell me that when i had joined 1.5 years ago i was in the danger level (these are my words, i dont know the exact words they used. ..but it was very convincing) which means that hair will continue to fall and eventually i will be fully bald.  Now they say i am between safe and danger levels. I should take the treatment 2 more years to get into safe level. But i have got tired of this treatment and have discontinued it. Though i was skeptical of this treatment  i was hopeful when i joined.  Alas…there is no magic treatment for hair loss.

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  1. My experience at Dr. Batra’s-1 | musings Says:

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  2. srikanth Says:

    I went to Br.Batras for an appointment 3 weeks ago. The Doctor has put a microscope at my head and showed which level I am in baldness stage. She told the same that dead cells cannot be activated. But She told that our job is to stop hair loss.
    She didnot explained me the main reason about my hair loss. But instead told some reasons like heriditary, pollution,food.,etc.
    After that another staff person who is at medicine counter said that doctor advised you to have 1 year treatment. It’s actually 13,000 but if you joined now you can have it at 12000. If you take treatment for 6 months it will be 7000.

    After 2 days I got a phone call from Dr.Batra about a reminder about the joining. I told them I was not interested . Because I have no money.

    After reading your weblog , I came to a decision that good exercise and some good food is better than joining at Dr. Batras.

    Any ways thank you for taking time and writing this weblog.

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