Skating at Kanteerava Stadium Bangalore

I finally had the time and will to overcome laziness to find out if there was a skating ground and coach for roller skating. I found that there are 3 skating grounds, the nearest (~7 kms) to my home being the one at Kanteerava stadium. The other two are in Wilson Garden and Jayanagar. Google search gave the phone number for contact: 22290811 and the timings 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. I called up…the phone rang but no one picked up. So i drove to the stadium. A person at one of the entrances directed me to the skating ground. It is an open-air cemented ground, possibly 15-20 meters across. There was no one in or near the ground and it was flooded presumably by rains the previous day.  On inquiring i was shown an office that is nearby. I walked in and found a person who politely attended to my questions. There are coaching classes for skating and the timings are from 4-6 p.m. I was to ask any other questions to the coach who would be coming only at 4 p.m. It was 1 p.m. so i had to go home and come again.

The coach was there on time. His first question was why did i want to learn at this age. (i am closer to 40). He pointed out that spine and neck injuries are common in skating. And then the big disappointment-coaching in summer is only for school children. Coaching classes for seniors start in July. He will arrange for the skates; however shoe size above 9 is a problem. He believes that inline skates (wheels in a single row) are not for beginners.

I guess i will visit again in July and let you know the situation then.

9 Responses to “Skating at Kanteerava Stadium Bangalore”

  1. czar Says:

    wwwcolessportsworldcom you can try here. I had being skating here and seen coach supporting many people at different ages.

  2. Reshma Says:

    HI,,can u pls let me know where the skating classes in wilson garden are conducted???????

    • dinanath Says:

      Dear Reshma,
      I wrote this post long ago. I have even changed my laptop. So right now I do not have the wilson garden address. But I will post it as soon as I find it.
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. Do visit again.

  3. Farhan Ahamed Says:

    Its july now, did you visit again..?
    Did you ask anythig about fees…?

  4. shivashankar Says:

    pls let me know where the skating clsses r conducted i stay in avenue road
    do they conduct in kanteerava stadium

  5. Riyas Says:

    Hi Friends,
    I am skating since 1.5 years, not an official skater or for some championship, but skates because its a passion for me. I stay in RamamurthyNagar. Often skates in Vivekanada metro. I looking out for a better skates place and company. Is there any one with similar interest from near by place?

  6. Ishan Girdhar Says:


    Thank you for posting this. Did anyone find any place where adults can also practice skating.

  7. mohamed waseem akram Says:

    can you please help us with contact number of person incharge of skate ground in kanteerava stadium..

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