Sensitive teeth, pain after hot or cold drinks

My tooth used to ache whenever I had hot tea or warm water and also when I had cold drinks.  I saw this commercial for toothpaste that promises relief from exactly the same problem. Though I am quite cynical of the promise that advertisements offer I went ahead and bought the toothpaste.  I did not sense any change after the first use (contrary to what they show in the advtst.), however on the second or third day I found that I could take cold and hot drinks without pain! I stopped using it and changed to the regular mint flavoured toothpaste after a week and it’s been  more than a couple of months now. I am perfectly alright having cold and hot drinks. It’s amazing. Using it for just 3 days cured me permanently.  If only all other advertisements lived to their promise. However, since the effect has been almost magical I wonder if there is any permanent damage done to the teeth. I mean it’s unbelievable that it actually works. Huh. …Cynical me.

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