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Sensitive teeth, pain after hot or cold drinks

August 23, 2012

My tooth used to ache whenever I had hot tea or warm water and also when I had cold drinks.  I saw this commercial for toothpaste that promises relief from exactly the same problem. Though I am quite cynical of the promise that advertisements offer I went ahead and bought the toothpaste.  I did not sense any change after the first use (contrary to what they show in the advtst.), however on the second or third day I found that I could take cold and hot drinks without pain! I stopped using it and changed to the regular mint flavoured toothpaste after a week and it’s been  more than a couple of months now. I am perfectly alright having cold and hot drinks. It’s amazing. Using it for just 3 days cured me permanently.  If only all other advertisements lived to their promise. However, since the effect has been almost magical I wonder if there is any permanent damage done to the teeth. I mean it’s unbelievable that it actually works. Huh. …Cynical me.

Gym Ball

August 6, 2012

I first bought the gym ball to use it as a replacement for my chair at the desk! The gym ball was from ‘GAIAM’ and it came with a cd – full of exercise videos that i could use to shape up. I did try some of them for a couple of weeks but then discipline is not my forte and i was happy using it as a chair. But soon i missed reclining back and got back to the chair chair.  The gym ball i would use for occasionally sitting on it and bouncing. Some of my visitor friends too found it entertaining to sit and bounce till the door resonated with it. Meanwhile i had to leave back to India. I posted the gym ball along with several books that i had collected in 3 years. Back home i received the cargo but most of the boxes were torn up-that’s what happens when the customs guys search through your goods, and unfortunately the gym ball was punctured.

I bought my second gym ball from PRO-FORM. This ball was unique in that it would not roll away. This ball came with a one year warranty and was anti-burst! However, in exactly 1 year and 3 months it punctured. It did not burst but slowly gave away!  Bought my 3rd gym ball recently from I.CARE. This is the cheapest of the three. The pump to fill air that came with the ball broke before the ball could take the spherical shape. So i used the PRO-FORM pump and blew the ball to shape. This one does roll away but i am okay with it.

By the way, i like to use the gym ball as a support for inverted back exercise (kind off urdhva dhanurasana). This asana gives my back and lower back especially a great and instant relief. In fact right now it is about the only use i do of the gym ball.  I do it only when i feel some discomfort in the back.  I am not an expert in asana so i would not recommend it to anyone.

Cunningham Road

August 3, 2012

I came across the name Alexander Cunnigham in the travelogue ‘Chasing the Monk’s Shadow’ by Mishi Saran. In this book the author, Mishi Saran writes about her travels to the places visited by the famous 7th century Chinese Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang on his journey to India.  Mishi Saran referred to Cunningham’s report ‘ The Ancient Geography of India. Volume 1, Buddhist Period’ to know about the exact locations of Buddhist sites in India.

The name Cunningham raised my curiosity. There is a ‘Cunningham Road’ in Bangalore that i normally take to go towards Shivajinagar. Could he be the person after whom the road has been named? and why? So i google’d and came across fascinating information from Wikipedia. Alexander Cunningham is known as the father of  Archaelogical Survey of India! Francis Cunnigham, his brother, was a deputy to Sir Mark Cubbon who was the then chief commissioner at Bangalore. Apparently, Francis Cunningham lobbyed on behalf of the deposed Maharaja of Mysore arguing that he should be allowed to adopt and the kingdom be restored to him. It is possibly due to these efforts of his that the Cunningham road is named after him.

My experience at Dr. Batra’s-4

May 11, 2012

My earlier articles on this topic are here. After one and half years of treatment i can say that i did not see any perceptible difference in the baldness. There was a period during the treatment when it felt like hair loss was more! When i informed the doctors they were able to reduce the hair loss. The density of hairs, that is the  number of hairs in a given area did not increase. The doctors say that dead cells cannot be revived. They use a microscope and have a procedure of making a hair count. Based on the hair count they have classified the level of the problem. They tell me that when i had joined 1.5 years ago i was in the danger level (these are my words, i dont know the exact words they used. ..but it was very convincing) which means that hair will continue to fall and eventually i will be fully bald.  Now they say i am between safe and danger levels. I should take the treatment 2 more years to get into safe level. But i have got tired of this treatment and have discontinued it. Though i was skeptical of this treatment  i was hopeful when i joined.  Alas…there is no magic treatment for hair loss.

Skating at Kanteerava Stadium Bangalore

May 11, 2012

I finally had the time and will to overcome laziness to find out if there was a skating ground and coach for roller skating. I found that there are 3 skating grounds, the nearest (~7 kms) to my home being the one at Kanteerava stadium. The other two are in Wilson Garden and Jayanagar. Google search gave the phone number for contact: 22290811 and the timings 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. I called up…the phone rang but no one picked up. So i drove to the stadium. A person at one of the entrances directed me to the skating ground. It is an open-air cemented ground, possibly 15-20 meters across. There was no one in or near the ground and it was flooded presumably by rains the previous day.  On inquiring i was shown an office that is nearby. I walked in and found a person who politely attended to my questions. There are coaching classes for skating and the timings are from 4-6 p.m. I was to ask any other questions to the coach who would be coming only at 4 p.m. It was 1 p.m. so i had to go home and come again.

The coach was there on time. His first question was why did i want to learn at this age. (i am closer to 40). He pointed out that spine and neck injuries are common in skating. And then the big disappointment-coaching in summer is only for school children. Coaching classes for seniors start in July. He will arrange for the skates; however shoe size above 9 is a problem. He believes that inline skates (wheels in a single row) are not for beginners.

I guess i will visit again in July and let you know the situation then.


May 22, 2011

i bought the bsa cycle today. on the web i had read that mach 19 and mach 22 are the two bsa options. but when i called up RRcycle yeshwantpur he said they didn’t have those numbers. when the wrappers were removed from the frame i found only ‘mach’ written on the top bar of the frame and BSA on the inclined bar. the bicycle is in red and black shaded. the front half of the cycle is black and the read half is red. It has plastic mudguards shaped like wings. i am not sure if they will protect the mud from flying on to me. it has thin wheels-the racer type (the tyre print reads 27×1-1/4″. I got the handle bar changed. The original handle bar curved in and had a cushion all over the front. So one would have bend while driving. i wanted the gears fitted. i was told that i had to go for straight bars if i wanted gears. So now i have a straight bar with 6 speed shimano gears. the original seat looked to stiff and a little small. I got the it changed to a larger one with springs beneath it. Its a hercules seat. the cycle came with a standard bell and a cable lock. It cost me 5200 Rs everything included. Only i dont know what mach number it is!
After i came home i found on casual inspection that the BSA and MACH labels are not so transparent stickers. The BSA label in fact got damaged a little possible when the wrapper was being removed.
The ride home from cycle shop was cool. I am glad i finally own a bicycle. Bicycling is my only hope of getting some exercise.

My experience at dr. Batra’s-3

April 18, 2011

(read about the earlier parts here and here)

Today i visited the doctor a week earlier than scheduled. Thats because my scheduled visit falls on a long weekend and i will be out of station. The doctor asked the same questions i had the same answers but i found myself talking a bit louder. In between giving the same answers i told her a bit firmly that i didn’t think there was any reduction in hair loss.  She had a camera with her this time and she fished out the snaps that were taken in one of my earlier visits about 6 months back. A comparison of the snaps taken on this visit and then showed no difference.  There seemed to be some new hair growth near the fore heard( in the region where the hair loss forms the shape M). But there is a catch.  When the earlier photograph was taken my hair was oiled and easily grouped together. But this time i had not oiled the hair and they were not grouped.  The dr. said that the fact that there is no further growth of bald area is a positive sign.  And that my thinking that there was no hair loss could be more out of my anxiety! and need not be taken seriously. I was however asked to take a blood test for iron content and something connected to thyroid. Though, she said the latter was not of concern with males.

So i am supposed to take a blood test. I will get back a month later on this.

Forgot the house keys and…

April 17, 2011

I went to have brunch in McDonalds. When i sat down with the McVeggie i found that i had the house key in my hand. So i kept it on the table. While doing so the thought crossed my mind that it would be better to put the key in my pocket. But nevertheless i kept it on the table thinking i would remember. After munching i walked towards my apartment. I live on the first floor. As i started taking the stairs it struck me that i had forgotten the key. I rushed to the security of our apartment borrowed his cycle and speeded up to McD’s. Luckily they had found the key and kept it safe. I was glad atleast i remembered that i had forgotten it at McD’s. Before McD’s and after it i had to got other places too. Now with the key in my hand as i climbed the stairs towards my apartment i found the door wide open! I had forgotten to lock the door!!!

I checked inside. My laptop was lying on the table in the drawing room and everything else was intact. Lucky me.

My experience at dr. Batra’s-2

April 16, 2011

(read the first part of this series here)

I had started with a 6 month course. At that time i thought i would continue for more time if i see any improvement in hair fall/growth at the end of 6 months.  Well, i can say that as a result of the treatment the hair grew faster-i had to visit the hair cutting saloon earlier than normal. However, i could not say whether the hair loss had reduced. Nevertheless i paid for extension of the treatment by one year.

Every visit, which is monthly once, the doctors ask the same questions. Do you see any improvement? Is there a decreases in hair loss? And every time i would say that i could not conclusively answer those questions. The reason being that before i started the treatment i used to wash hair once a week whereas now i was, on the doctors suggestion, washing hair every alternate day. And then i would ask the doctor if he/she thought that there was an improvement in the hair condition.  As i had mentioned in a previous post i had asked this question everytime to a different doctor because the doctor who attends to you is decided by when you go and how much rush is there and how many doctors are available on the day you visited.  The answers were never a clear yes or no. One of the doctors said my hair was now stable ( after 6 months).  Another said that i was 60% cured and that i had to continue until i was atleast 80% cured.  This suggestion was based on the number of follicles that still had fungus at the root.

The last visit about a month ago when i was asked if saw any improvement i gave the usual answers but then added that the dandruff was increasing. I never had a visible dandruff problem. But ever since the treatment started i could see white particles falling of my hair whenever i dusted it. There was also a little itch. To this suggestion the doctor asked me to stop using the liquid they had asked me to apply before hair wash.  She also give some other homoe medicine. And this medicine worked immediately. I cant say though whether it was the medicine that cured me of dandruff or it was because i stopped applying the liquid. But the dandruff did stop! So homoe does work.

About the reduction in hair fall, i am not so sure. I think that though the hair is growing faster, the density of hair (the number of hair on the scalp) is decreasing. I have meeting coming Monday. I have to get this doubt cleared.


April 12, 2011

I was back from office and was visiting the campus (my alma matter). I was in my former lab when i got to know this inspiring incident. Ashish (name changed) suddenly entered the lab and we were both surprised and happy to see each other. When i asked if he or Aarti had plans of attending Shantanu’s marraige, he said that would depend on their children and whether they would be available. Ajay(name changed), his elder son, who is in KV (higher secondary school) has gone on a cycling trip. Not to any place nearby Bangalore but to far off Goa! (Goa is ~550 Kms) and that too all by himself. It was shockingly surprising but i should have expected. 5-6 years ago  i saw him going to Chennai by himself . Before returning to Bangalore he may go further south (like Kanyakumari!). I still cant believe it and will wait to meet him and get first hand info.
However, it has inspired me. The farthest i had gone (about 7 years ago) cycling was 30 kms. No major trips after that. The cycle broke beforea couple of years ago when  i left the country. I am back now…did some trekking but the enthusiasm was dropping…But after getting to know Ajay’s bold cycling decision i am recharged. I will buy a new cycle drive a few kilometers every weekend and eventually make a long intercity trip. Its also high time that i went on a trek. This Saturday i have a meeting but i will positively plan something new this Sunday.
It amazes me how a simple unplanned meeting has raised my spirits. I hope i find more such people who do different things. It will keep me going.

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