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Skating at Kanteerava Stadium Bangalore

May 11, 2012

I finally had the time and will to overcome laziness to find out if there was a skating ground and coach for roller skating. I found that there are 3 skating grounds, the nearest (~7 kms) to my home being the one at Kanteerava stadium. The other two are in Wilson Garden and Jayanagar. Google search gave the phone number for contact: 22290811 and the timings 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. I called up…the phone rang but no one picked up. So i drove to the stadium. A person at one of the entrances directed me to the skating ground. It is an open-air cemented ground, possibly 15-20 meters across. There was no one in or near the ground and it was flooded presumably by rains the previous day.  On inquiring i was shown an office that is nearby. I walked in and found a person who politely attended to my questions. There are coaching classes for skating and the timings are from 4-6 p.m. I was to ask any other questions to the coach who would be coming only at 4 p.m. It was 1 p.m. so i had to go home and come again.

The coach was there on time. His first question was why did i want to learn at this age. (i am closer to 40). He pointed out that spine and neck injuries are common in skating. And then the big disappointment-coaching in summer is only for school children. Coaching classes for seniors start in July. He will arrange for the skates; however shoe size above 9 is a problem. He believes that inline skates (wheels in a single row) are not for beginners.

I guess i will visit again in July and let you know the situation then.


May 22, 2011

i bought the bsa cycle today. on the web i had read that mach 19 and mach 22 are the two bsa options. but when i called up RRcycle yeshwantpur he said they didn’t have those numbers. when the wrappers were removed from the frame i found only ‘mach’ written on the top bar of the frame and BSA on the inclined bar. the bicycle is in red and black shaded. the front half of the cycle is black and the read half is red. It has plastic mudguards shaped like wings. i am not sure if they will protect the mud from flying on to me. it has thin wheels-the racer type (the tyre print reads 27×1-1/4″. I got the handle bar changed. The original handle bar curved in and had a cushion all over the front. So one would have bend while driving. i wanted the gears fitted. i was told that i had to go for straight bars if i wanted gears. So now i have a straight bar with 6 speed shimano gears. the original seat looked to stiff and a little small. I got the it changed to a larger one with springs beneath it. Its a hercules seat. the cycle came with a standard bell and a cable lock. It cost me 5200 Rs everything included. Only i dont know what mach number it is!
After i came home i found on casual inspection that the BSA and MACH labels are not so transparent stickers. The BSA label in fact got damaged a little possible when the wrapper was being removed.
The ride home from cycle shop was cool. I am glad i finally own a bicycle. Bicycling is my only hope of getting some exercise.

Forgot the house keys and…

April 17, 2011

I went to have brunch in McDonalds. When i sat down with the McVeggie i found that i had the house key in my hand. So i kept it on the table. While doing so the thought crossed my mind that it would be better to put the key in my pocket. But nevertheless i kept it on the table thinking i would remember. After munching i walked towards my apartment. I live on the first floor. As i started taking the stairs it struck me that i had forgotten the key. I rushed to the security of our apartment borrowed his cycle and speeded up to McD’s. Luckily they had found the key and kept it safe. I was glad atleast i remembered that i had forgotten it at McD’s. Before McD’s and after it i had to got other places too. Now with the key in my hand as i climbed the stairs towards my apartment i found the door wide open! I had forgotten to lock the door!!!

I checked inside. My laptop was lying on the table in the drawing room and everything else was intact. Lucky me.

Funny Visa form

April 16, 2011

This issue of Scientific American  has an article on why creative people are often eccentric. However, the funny part comes when the article talks about the Visa procedure for the connecticut island kingdom that goes by the funny name north dumpling. This island has “seceded” from US and issues its own currency in units of “pi”. Sounds bizarre to me but wait.  The Visa form has spaces to fill in identification marks on both face and buttocks!!!

You read it right. Buttocks. Yes!.

While one may have the only identification mark on buttock but I never thought it would be specifically mentioned in a Visa form or  for that matter any form. Funny!


April 12, 2011

I was back from office and was visiting the campus (my alma matter). I was in my former lab when i got to know this inspiring incident. Ashish (name changed) suddenly entered the lab and we were both surprised and happy to see each other. When i asked if he or Aarti had plans of attending Shantanu’s marraige, he said that would depend on their children and whether they would be available. Ajay(name changed), his elder son, who is in KV (higher secondary school) has gone on a cycling trip. Not to any place nearby Bangalore but to far off Goa! (Goa is ~550 Kms) and that too all by himself. It was shockingly surprising but i should have expected. 5-6 years ago  i saw him going to Chennai by himself . Before returning to Bangalore he may go further south (like Kanyakumari!). I still cant believe it and will wait to meet him and get first hand info.
However, it has inspired me. The farthest i had gone (about 7 years ago) cycling was 30 kms. No major trips after that. The cycle broke beforea couple of years ago when  i left the country. I am back now…did some trekking but the enthusiasm was dropping…But after getting to know Ajay’s bold cycling decision i am recharged. I will buy a new cycle drive a few kilometers every weekend and eventually make a long intercity trip. Its also high time that i went on a trek. This Saturday i have a meeting but i will positively plan something new this Sunday.
It amazes me how a simple unplanned meeting has raised my spirits. I hope i find more such people who do different things. It will keep me going.

how to know the model number of your nokia?

March 27, 2011

today my cousin called up to know the model number of my nokia. i had bought it nearly an year back and had forgotten. The number i remembered as i found later was the wrong one.
Well, i googled and found this link useful to find the model number. Simple. Just switch off your mobile, open it up and remove the battery. You will see the model number soon after you remove the battery. Simple!

McDonalds and traditional food

February 27, 2011

I am a vegetarian. So my options in McDonalds (McD’s) within 50 rs are McVeggie or FrenchFries.  Now McVeggie is basically a burger which has a contains a wada and some vegetables sandwiched in between.  I like it as snack item in the evening. It costs 48 rs or if you want a layer of cheese 58 rs. Those are prices in Bangalore.  But those of us who live in and around Malleshwaram know of Asha Sweets (8th cross) which sells many other eatables in addition to sweets.  Its popular and always was ever since i remember. There is a restaurant cum darshini (self service) by name Food Camp on 10th cross. This restaurant, as i was told by someone, is also owned or run by Asha Sweets.  Food Camp is as popular as Asha Sweets. I always see it full of people. Well coming to the point i want to make; there are two options for meals/lunch in the darshini. Either of them costs 45-50 rs. I usually take the one which is called ‘mini-tiffin’ but is as good as lunch for me. This one costs 45 rs.  And it offers much more than one would imagine.  The mini-tiffin contains a mini-masala dosa,  4-6 mini-idlis, one chat item, one sweet item (typically one scoop kesari bath), one scoop upma, a bowl of vegetable pulav, raita and sambar. Now that’s a lot considering that in McDonalds all you would get is a burger (or as we know in maharashtra, wada pav).  The taste, quality and cleanliness of Food Camp is very good.  I wish they spread as much as McD’s.


January 31, 2011

This is the older version of my  ‘About’ page created on 2006/01/19.  I had it on for quite sometime until my niece happened to go through it. She found it too sad.  So, for a couple of years i did not have an ‘About’ page. However,  these days i find myself with lot of time and thought i should give it a try.  I tried writing the ‘About’ page again for a couple of times but noting seemed to be an apt description of  the contents of this blog.  I  did finally come up with a short, simple and positive ‘About’ page.  See here for the new page.


Hi, I am dinanath.

Enthused by my friends i made a few abortive attempts on blogging. Probably, because the drive was external and not genuine. But, then an event occured wherein i needed to express myself and the only place i could do that was in a personal dairy. So, i am going to use this blog as a place to jot down thoughts and memories, triggered by events, for myself. I do not see how anybody else would follow or find anything interesting here. Excepting, perhaps, a few friends and relations. Ofcourse, it may evolve and become what i cannot presume today.


January 31, 2011

I had been to Mumbai (Bombay) a couple of times before but never as a tourist. This time i decided to make time for sight seeing. My friend from Mumbai agreed reluctantly to join along with his wife for a day trip to Elephanta caves.
I was stationed in povai at iit mumbai. I started at around 9 a.m. after breakfast. Took the auto-rickshaw (20 rs) to Kanjur Marg station. The ticket counter for the metro (local as it is called in mumbai) is on the over bridge from the road to the station. There was a long queue and only one operating counter. As i reached closer to the counter i found one more queue forming at the counter window. Apparently, this queue is for those who want to buy coupons. I got the return ticket to CST (VT). It cost 16 rs.  About an hour and half later i joined my friend and his wife at CST station. They had arrived from Dombivilli.

We walked out of the station and took the city bus (BEST) to Gate Way of India.  As we reach closer to the Gate Way of India to our left were ticket counters for boat ride to Elephanta Caves.  The fare was 130 rs to and fro. Elephanta caves are on an island.  The boat ride lasted an hour.  As soon as we got down we saw a mini-train to the village (Gharapur). We preferred to walk along the railway line.  There is a narrow road followed by steps  that go up the hill to Elephanta. On both sides of the steps there are a number of stalls selling a variety of decorative items. There are a few restaurants on the way selling both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.  I had tea in one of them.

The walk up the steps leads to two ticket counters one followed by another. The first one issues a tax ticket costing 5 rs. The second one is sells the ticket to the caves.  There are 5 caves in all.  The very first cave is the main cave. It has the famous Trimurti sculpture. Trimurti meaning 3 headed: one each of  Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Most advertisements of Elephanta carry this image. I guess this is also because it is  the least damaged of all the sculptures there. Apparently, the damage was done by the Portuguese who used the idols for shooting practice!! The Trimurti sculpture has remained intact because it was covered by a large wall and thereby was hidden from the Portuguese.

We hired a guide (150 rs) to show us around the caves.  The temple was built ~400 AD by a King who was a Shiva bhakta.

As the boat nears the land we had a beautiful view of the Gate Way of India and the Taj Hotel. Unfortunately, i had only the cell camera to take the snaps.

Nisargadatta Maharaj Mandir Mumbai

January 31, 2011

I had been to Mumbai (Bombay) for the weekend. I had arranged with my friend’s family for a visit to Elephanta Caves. (Read here about my trip to Elephanta Caves.) I had also decided to visit Nisargadatta Maharaj Mandir. The same day because i had to leave for Bangalore the next day by noon. I asked a couple of Mumbai-ites about Nisargadatta Maharaj but none of them new about it. I had read literature on him and knew that he had a tobacco shop and lived in Bombay.  I googled for Nisaragadatta Maharaj and after a couple clicks i reached the blog that mentioned about the Nisargadatta Spiritual Center and gave its address as:

“Siddhashram” , Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj Samadhi Mandir, Nisarga Society, Pathare Wadi, Bapu Bhagwe Marg, Dahisar (west), Mumbai-400 068

Books and tapes on Nisargadatta Maharaj are available here. I also came to know from blog-world that the house in which he lived had been sold. The new owners apparently re-modeled the house!

I bought return ticket from CST to Dahisar.   It was around 5 in the evening when i took the local from CST (VT station) to Dadar.  Dadar is on the central line and Dahisar is on the western line. So at Dadar i changed over to the western line to Virar.  However, i discovered later that this was a fast local and that i would have to get down at Borivilli and take a slow local to Dahisar. Dahisar is just one stop away from Borivilli. The total journey from CST to Dahisar lasted  an hour and 45 minutes . At Dahisar I walked out of the station (keeping the west) and asked a cigarette shop wallah for Bapu Barve road and he directed me to a nearby shop owner.  This guy asked me to walk along the road until the road turns left.  At the cross road there was a tailor shop. I asked the lady at the tailor shop for Bapu Barve road and she asked me to follow the road and cross the bridge. This bridge is over a nullah.  I took the left after the bridge and walked a couple of minutes. The Nisarg society is an apartment complex. A young chap at the gate guessed my purpose and showed me to the Nisargadatta Mandir. Its on the first floor. One has to leave the shoes in a rack at the ground floor.

There is a larger than life size idol of Nisargadatta Maharaj in a big hall.  The statue is whitish-must be in marble. There are framed photographs of his guru and several other saints behind the idol. The hall appears to be a part of an apartment. Indeed an old (50 ish) lady and her son take care of the house. There is a book rack on the wall adjacent to the stairs. I picked a book in Marathi on Siddarameshwar Maharaj’s life and a DVD on Nisargadatta Maharaj. I could have bought more but only cash is accepted.

The lady asked me about my whereabouts and then offered me tea!  When i resisted another person nearby asked me take it as prasad.  I took. After what seemed like an hour i took leave.  Tracing the road back to the station was easier. There is another bridge right opposite Nisarga Society.  I crossed the bridge and asked a few people.  The station was a few minutes away.  When i reached the station i realized i had forgotten to take a picture of Maharaj!

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