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Alas! The mind

October 5, 2009

Meditation, Introspection, Spiritual practise, Good company…do all this and more…The mind will always win.
 In the beginning there were too many diverse things the mind ran after. Later i focussed on one thing only to find that that one thing is made up of many other things which are equally diverse. Now stuck at sorting out that one thing which will have fewer diversions. This is the case when carrying out scientific research.

 How much more difficult it would be if the mind itself were ones object of research.

Astrology and blame!

September 8, 2009

Sri Sri Ravishankar (Art of Living) makes interesting listening, thanx to his wits, even for a non-follower. Here is the explaination he gives for Astrology.  Whenever, there is a problem the usual tendency of the people is to find someone/something to blame.  Astrology shifts the blame that you would put on other people to the cosmos.  In case of some loss you would say “because of the saturn being retrograde i had the loss”….listen to the video.

Meera Bhajan

August 18, 2009

I felt blissful even while in India when i listened to the audio tape ‘Meera Bhajan’.  It is a divinely rendition of few of Meerabai’s songs by Lata Mangeshkar set to music by her brother Dinanath Mangeshkar.  Being away from India, listening to these songs brings tears. The purity of Lataji’s voice is breathtaking; makes you stop your breath for fear of disturbing the silence that her sound creates.  Dinanathji’s music too is careful and appropriately minimal. A collection of these songs and many others is available on youtube here.  Start with the song ‘Ud Ja Re Kaga’. Simply Blissful.

Humility or the grace of Prabhupada

July 14, 2009

This video is a part of  7 videos on youtube. In these videos one of the disciples of Srila Prabhuda narrates his journey from being a drug addict to a Swami. Its humbling to see the Swami’s self-deprecating talk about his irreverant attitude towards Prabhupada. And how he had a grandiose view of himself. Apparently, there were times when he thought about himself as Shiva and sported a third eye !

Video lectures on spirituality

May 10, 2009

There are any number of video lectures on spirituality by many gurus.  I have often found it a nice way to spend time on internet. I plan to give links to such lectures in this post.

Sri Sri Ravishankar:

This is a series of four video lectures (in good quality), ~8 minutes each, wherein Sri Sri addresses many questions.  He also makes it quite lively. There is a kid (not seen video) who also adds to the liveliness; at one point (in the 3rd video) he asks, “can we stop talking and start singing”.  Sri Sri repeats his question to the audience.

U. G. Krishnamurthy:

This website has many many video lectures by the provocative, annoying and most unusual U.G. You will need the real player to view the .ram files.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

May 8, 2009

came to know from my sister that its Narasimha Jayanti. I googled for Narasimha Jayanti and this link put the date as 7th May. A day here and there is common. But just when i was about to leave the site i saw the link on Nisargadatta Maharaj. Books (written by others) on his sayings and conversations with visiting disciples are available for download here. I am not sure if its legal, though.
A must read for the questioning mind.

Visited UG Krishnamurthy

March 25, 2006

Two or more years ago I came across a book on UG. My curiosity doubled when i noticed that it was written by Mahesh Bhatt. Yes, film director Mahesh Bhatt. I think I first came to know about UG from my research guide (AKL). I still remember, one incident from the book. After writing the book Mahesh Bhatt asks UG as to what should he name it as. UG ignored the question but soon spotting a fly on the table he suggests, “How about ‘the fly on the table'”!

Well, I came to know from AKL, sometime in Feb, that UG is in Bangalore at Banashankari and will be available until 31st March. I deferred meeting him until today when I finally moved out of my hole. I waited almost an hour for the direct bus but invain. I then decided on moving to Majestic and then to Banashankari. On reaching Banashankari I was told that Katriguppa, the place where UG is put in is another 15min bus ride. I finally reached the water tank stop and with a little searching around located house no 345. At the entrance following the portico there is a small drawing room where UG is reclining on sofa. He is dresses in white kurta-pyjama, looked lean with less dense hair but his face is bright. A few people, but enough to fill the room, were already seated. I found place near the doormat and adjusted.  A western lady, 50-60 years of age, graceful, saintly looking was sitting on another sofa next to him. In all there were 7 westerners, 4 women and 3 men, in the room.

I was late. It was only 20 or so minutes when he suddenly got up and said enough. I had to leave on my long journey back home; it took me two and half hours to reach there. He got into the next room; I heard him say, “what about the dinner, i am hungry?”

I took sometime to adjust to the general level of noise in the room.  His pitch was low and I could barely hear. But soon I started gathering bits and then complete sentences. Earlier, to a western disciple, who was recording him on the cam he said, “why do you want to record this ugly face with wrinkles and ….. look i am 90…” Then I noticed that just opposite to where he was seated, on the wall was a large photograph of his probably in his 40’s or early 50’s or so. He looked handsome with hair until shoulder-something like a bob-cut.  The westerner immediately stopped recording. He recounted a story illustrating how money is important and how “whatever I touch I turn into gold” … … …”There is nothing wrong with bribe”…to which somebody remarked that the rich can afford to bribe what will the poor do…He recounted how once for the telephone they paid bribe and got it done within a short time …”they should also become rich”…”there should be no poor”… “the salaries of the president, prime minister and every body else must be the same”

I was warned by AKL about his habit of using foul language. I had imagined him to be using all kinds of foul words on any and every body in the audience. But he did’nt. He called the saintly lady next to him a bitch, once.  And then, in an answer to another person, referred to Ramana Maharshi as “that bastard ramana”. The person had asked, “when you say I did this, I did that, which I are you referring to?” To which he said, “first person singular” and then said that Ramana kept reminding people to ask who am i? but where is the I there. Even I is not there. And then a few words denouncing him… “find out who am I, I have done it sitting in caves”…its all false. Every one has his own- I guess this is the essence of what he was trying to say…

It is documented that once UG went to Ramana and said something to this effect “If you are as big as Ramakrishna Paramahamsa why don’t you give me the experience that he gave to Swami Vivekananda”. To which Ramana said, “I can give but can you take it?”. UG left flabbergasted.

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